Leading Anti-Gay Jamaican Pastor Peter Garth Says Homosexuality Rampant in Schools for Girls

Leading Anti-Gay Jamaican Pastor Peter Garth Says Homosexuality Rampant in Schools for Girls

HOMOSEXUALITY RAMPANT IN JAMAICAN GIRLS SCHOOLS:  Leading anti-gay Jamaican pastor Peter Garth says a “special effort ought to be made to tackle the problem of homosexuality in schools.” According to the Jamaica Observer, Garth, who is the vice-president of the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals,  cited examples of irregular sexual behavior in schools for girls.

Rev Garth,  a sympathiser of the anti-homosexual organization, the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, made the following comments while addressing editors and reporters at the weekly Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange  Monday:

“Homosexuals globally do not keep it to themselves. Why is it that they go into the schools? Why is it that they do what they do?” the clergyman asked.

“You know why a lot of persons are afraid to come out and speak? It’s because they don’t want the name of their particular high school to be said (publicised), but we need to investigate what is happening.

He added: “I have counselled and I am counselling persons who have been attacked, and until the attack takes place, those students remain in school.

“The schools must be alerted to the reality that there are persons who are out there trying to infiltrate our schools.

For starters, I went to Mt. Alvernia High School in Montego Bay, and I never came in contact with any homosexuality on any level.  To be honest, at no time was any student ever singled out as being “different.” We had sporadic cases of teenage pregnancy, but no, I can’t remember ever hearing of any lesbians on campus, much less to be propositioned by one.  Well, I guess times have changed but isn’t this the parents’ responsibility and not a clergyman? Rev. Garth claims if he can reach these girls he could counsel them so they wouldn’t become lesbians, but the threat of lawsuits have acted as a deterrent for his meddling. It seems to me that Rev. Garth should focus on all cases of sexual assault, not those alleged girl-on-girl cases. He should start with the pedophiles targeting boys and girls.

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