Queensbridge Interdisciplinary Curriculum Summary for Educators
NYC Department of Education (FAMIS)
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Queensbridge; The Other Side” Interdisciplinary Elective Curriculum Guideline has proved to be a versatile teaching/educational aide and is being implemented in various subject categories. The curriculum adapts to English Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Character Education, and Technology and the Arts. It can also be utilized across curricular areas using an interdisciplinary approach. “Students come to us curious and often uninformed about the past histories of their family and the communities in which they live.” Over the years, much has been said about the importance of individuals knowing where they came from and how their heritage and environment impact their understanding of the world in which we live. There is an African proverb, “A people without knowledge of its history is like a tree without root.” In other words,the more you learn the lessons of the past, the better prepared you are to meet the challenge of the present and shape the future. It is with these sentiments that this curriculum aims to introduce the concept of mining one’s community oral history in order to inform and enrich present day community understanding. Collecting information (data, facts, perceptions, ideas, etc.) to interpret, apply and transmit for better understanding and personal growth is a beneficial educational endeavor. Histories provide students with a link between the immediate past and present in a concrete manner they can relate to. This history provides a student (or community) with a unique perspective on his/her history and cultural identity.

Numerous schools are using the curriculum as a focal point to form:

  • History Clubs
  • Debate Teams
  • Journalism Clubs
  • Community Awareness
  • Poetry Clubs
  • Exit Project

In addition, it is/can be utilized in the areas of writings skills, developing group project skills, research and learning how to conduct interviews. The curriculum opens the door to curious minds; and at the end of the day, using the information students have complied to create an end of year project. The new skills learned during this process create endless possibilities.

Student will take away from this program improved:

  • Self Esteem
  • Team Work
  • Tolerance
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Confidence