The Queensbridge Housing Project documentary compares and contrasts urban essentials to the suburban values of the “American Dream.”

 “Home Sweet Home” is a place called, The Bridge.”

The majority of Queensbridge residents are hardworking multicultural, multi-ethic families trying to make ends meet; keeping their children off streets and in school.

The history of “The Bridge,” is told through the stories of these residents. This documentary speaks of their struggle for change, success in career and life, of those who remain, and those who have moved away; yet many continue to support the community.

 The interviews share and reveal an awareness of the community’s triumphs and tragedies.

This documentary shows that Queensbridgeis home in the truest sense of the “American Dream.”

“It is no bed of roses, neither is it a bed of thorns.”

Heralded as the New York City’s community of choice for post war veterans and their families,1939 marked the construction completion of the Queensbridge Housing Project.“

“The Bridge” from inception was built as a stepping stone for families to save up enough money to buy a house, or rent a larger apartment. A few decades later, most families were unable to achieve the same goals as their predecessors, due chiefly to economic disadvantages.

Queensbridge has left it’s mark as an important part of New York City’s urban history.